The TOTAL E-QUALITY association would not be able to operate on a sustainable basis without income from memberships and for the award presentation. A 50 Euro processing fee is charged for the award application - independent of whether or not the application is successful.

For a successful application, a graduated fee according to the size of the institution will be charged. For staff:

  • up to 250 persons: 300 Euro
  • up to 500 persons: 600 Euro
  • up to 2,500 persons: 1,500 Euro
  • up to 5,000 persons: 1,800 Euro
  • over 5.000 persons 2,400 Euro

For a repeated successful application, a discount of 30 percent off the award fee is granted. There is no discount for the processing fee.

Membership benefits: The fees for the award already include the membership fees for the first year when joining the TOTAL E-QUALITY association at the same time.


Award winners

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award is presented each year for exemplary activities in terms of human resource management aimed at providing equal opportunity.

Current award winners