The award

Organisations from the private sector, science and administration and associations with a minimum of 15 employees that successfully implement gender equality in their personnel and organisation policies will be presented the TOTAL E-QUALITY award.

Up to today, 1.077 awards have been presented to 366 organisations.

The more organisations will receive the award, the more they will set standards in our society by which other organisations will then be measured.   This generates a creative competition in the run for masterminds. TOTAL E-QUALITY leads to an individual self-commitment of organisations to implement equal opportunity - without requiring additional legal guidelines and going beyond already existing guidelines.

The award comprises a certificate and an achievement award for sustainability, in combination with the TOTAL E-QUALITY logo, which can be used by the organisations in all internal and external relations for presentation and image cultivation.

The award generates a significant image boost simply because it certifies its holder's successful and sustained commitment to gender equality for men and women in professions:

It demonstrates that for success not only "hard facts" but also "soft facts" matter and that the organisation not only strives to reconcile job and family but also comprehensively pursues gender equality.

It certifies that the organisation profitably utilises resources from women's potential and special skills.

It motivates and retains employees and is a great advantage for the recruiting of masterminds, since applicants give preference to a certified company.

A survey of the Technical University Dortmund among award winners certifies that the TOTAL-E-QUALITY-Award improves the image of a company and promotes gender equality within the organisation.

Award winners

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award is presented each year for exemplary activities in terms of human resource management aimed at providing equal opportunity.

Current award winners