Award process

The TOTAL E-QUALITY Award is given on an annual basis. The award ceremony features a high-profile programme of presentations and discussions. A press interview is also planned.

An independent panel of judges evaluates all applications on behalf of the association and decides on the winners. The crucial factor in this decision is a company’s ability to strike a balance between economic requirements and the interests of their employees by implementing suitable human resources strategies to establish equal opportunities. In the evaluation of the applications, the judges take the individual circumstances and conditions of the organisations into account.

The award is granted for three years. Thereafter, a new award will be given if a renewed application shows sustainable success and further progress in establishing equal opportunities. An organisation that is presented with the award for the fifth time will additionally receive an honorary award for sustainability. 

Award winners

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award is presented each year for exemplary activities in terms of human resource management aimed at providing equal opportunity.

Current award winners